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Duxbury 4th of July Parade

Annual Art Contest

Duxbury 4th of July Parade

Artwork Contest Winner

Meet Elisa Perry, the winner of 2022’s 4th of July poster contest! Elisa is a 5th grade student at the Alden School and a wonderful artist. When asked about how she chose what to draw, Elisa said the theme of “Let Freedom Ring” reminded her of the song and of Martin Luther King, Jr., so she wanted to make a drawing that showed all kinds of people singing, with stars instead of musical notes, and all united under one flag.

Elisa thinks that having her artwork displayed around town “will be really cool,” and she plans to save some of her $100 prize and donate the rest to organizations working to save the oceans. Stating that “by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean”, Elisa seems determined to make some important changes. In the meantime, she is looking forward to lighting the bonfire at the beach party, and enjoying her interests of singing, reading, and playing bass, as well as volleyball and basketball.

Be on the lookout around town for the posters with Elisa’s artwork; they will have the schedule of events for the July 4th celebration. And thank you to all the students who submitted entries into the contest–there were some great ones! ​​

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